Advancing Friction Stir Welding (FSW) Technology for Every Industry

FSW has been the chosen solution for a growing number of industries world-wide – and Bond Technologies is leading the way in both design and construction of FSW machines and tooling, and other solid state processes.



Superior Mechanical Characteristics
This joining technology offers a weld with high weld strength and toughness that resists fatigue stress. Due to the low heat and small heat-affected zone, there is minimal distortion of the joined parts, reducing the costs associated with preparing the part for subsequent use.

Precision Welding, Consistently
FSW allows for virtually defect free welding. Most weld processes leave a coarse grain structure as the metal solidifies like a casting process. FSW is a solid-state process and leaves material with a fine grain structure. This results in a weld that is more resistant to corrosion and stronger with better fatigue performance.

Programmable, easy-to-control process parameters allows manufacturers to repeatedly produce defect free welding. These parameters include pin tool temperature, pin tool force, rotational speed and traversing speed.

FSW takes place at a lower temperature, therefore there is far less distortion than other welding processes.



Join Difficult-to-Weld Metals
Bond is continually identifying new applications for the FSW process and how to best offer new solutions for its customers. FSW can weld high strength aluminum alloys, magnesium, copper and other difficult-to-weld materials.

Welding Complex Contoured Parts
FSW can weld almost any shape of contoured parts, including seam welding of cylinders and airfoils. Joint geometries usual to the FSW process include butt, T-butt, lap, butt laminate, butt both sides, T-butt dual pass, lap laminate, L-outside, flange, multi-thickness, T-single weld, and L-inside (which requires special joint preparation).



Leading Edge Technology

New Solutions to Old Problems
FSW is a leading-edge technology, meaning that Bond is continually identifying new applications for the process and, therefore, new solutions for its customers.

Limitless Panel Length and Width
The process flexibility of FSW accommodates the welding of large parts. Our standard models may be modified to expand axes as needed for your application.

Green Process
FSW is a clean, environmentally friendly welding process. Unlike conventional fusion welding processes, there are no arcs or fire hazard, no fumes, no consumable filler wire and no needed shield gas for aluminum.  The process is energy efficient and forgiving of imperfect surface preparation.

Competitive Edge
Many clients using one of Bond’s various FSW machines view the FSW technology as a competitive advantage in their industries.

“(Bond Technologies) is a world leader in designing rigid machines. (The machine) enables our research department to move forward working with carbon steels, armor steel plates, nickel base super alloys, jet engine alloys and high-pressure steam alloys.”

Dr. Carl Sorenson
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Capstone Program
Brigham Young University

New Solutions to Old Problems

Bond offers a full line of FSW machines, from compact units up through large scale multi-axis, multi-spindle systems. This line of rigid high stiffness multi-purpose machines meets most friction stir welding applications. Let Bond Technologies Help. Contact us to discuss your problem and find the best FSW solution for your application.


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