Applications for
Bond Technologies

Bond products meet the needs
of specific industrial and research applications.

Many industries have products that are characterized by a typical size range, such as for commercial cargo trailers, or by a typical product shape, such as for cryogenic fuel tanks for rockets. In response to these common features, Bond has developed welding systems to accommodate the needs of some specific applications.

Applications for Bond products may be organized by specific industries, as follows.

Bond Applications by Industry


Bond has several products that are specific to the manufacture of assemblies for automotive applications. Of course, many others are possible.

  • Battery Trays
  • Small Power Modules, Cold Plates, and other Heat Exchangers
  • Tailored Blanks
  • Rivet Replacement

Research And Development

Bond has produced FSW machines for many customers, worldwide. We are continuing to expand our product offering to make possible exciting new processes possible.


FSW makes possible edge welding of aluminum extrusions to form integrally stiffened panels. These panels are ideal for decks, hulls, bulkheads, floors and helicopter landing platforms, to name a few examples.


Bond has extensive experience with producing FSW equipment for the manufacture of cryogenic fuel tanks for launch vehicles. Our special purpose machines utilize existing engineering to develop custom configurations for each launch vehicle program.

Rail Cars

FSW of complex aluminum extrusions and plate materials for the manufacture of rail cars has been exploited worldwide. Bond’s GG Series, G Series and LS Series machines are each well suited to the manufacture of rail cars due to the large work envelopes that are possible. Each system can be employed for specific areas of the product, such as for the outer shell or for interior decks, as needed.


Friction Extrusion can produce unique, copper-based materials with enhanced thermal and electrical conductivity, offering distinct performance improvements for power electronics.

Engineered Materials

Novel, custom engineered material can be produced on Bond’s Friction Extrusion system. Developed in recent years, the FE system has the needed power and precise controls for producing friction-extruded materials of sufficient size to be useful for a variety of industrial applications.

Consumer Products

Exploitation of friction-based metals processing in consumer products has been limited. One big exception is Apple’s use of FSW for building iMac computers. In spite of this, there certainly are opportunities.