Bond Applications
Automotive Industry

Automotive Applications for Bond Technologies

There are a number of applications for Bond products that are specific to the automotive industry. These applications are fueled by the need for a way to produce lightweight structures from aluminum alloys that are dimensionally accurate and damage tolerant, while offering the design flexibility of using plate, extrusions and castings of any alloy.


Battery Trays

Bond has FSW systems specifically sized for automotive battery tray applications. Our systems can weld from one side or can simultaneously weld from both sides, balancing distortion without compromising productivity. Bond systems can be integrated into fully-automated production lines with robotic material handling.

Technology: FSW
Welded from one side: LS Series, GG Series
Welded from both sides: LS Series

Small Power Modules, Cold Plates, and Other Heat Exchangers

Bond has developed welding machines specifically for serial production of smaller components. FSW offers significant improvements in productivity and quality compared to vacuum brazing.

Technology: FSW
Large Components: LS Series, PM Series

Tailored Blanks

FSW can be used to join aluminum plates of different thicknesses and different alloys. Friction stir welds are highly formable and when combined with post-weld stamping, offer considerable design flexibility for producing optimized structures.

Technology: FSW
Width < 1 meter: LS Series
Width > 1 meter: GG Series

Fastener and Spot-Welding Replacement

The RFSSW machine is ideal for fastener and spot-welding replacement in aluminum alloys. With sub-one-second cycle time in some workpieces, this is the ideal solution for increasing weld quality over resistance spot welding and for reducing part count compared to the use of fasteners.

Wheel Rims

Friction stir welding can weld any aluminum alloy to any other aluminum alloy, and can weld different product forms to each other, such as for joining cast aluminum hubs to formed aluminum plate rims, making possible design flexibility and high performance in a single product.

Technology: FSW
Special Purpose Machines

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