Bond Technologies & The Ohio State University collaborate on FSW research

ELKHART, Ind. – Bond Technologies is once again helping push Friction Stir Welding technology forward.

The Ohio State University recently incorporated one of Bond’s FSW research machines into The College of Engineering’s Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence. OSU expanded its collection of advanced manufacturing equipment with the addition of the 3-Axis RM15 Friction Stir Welder from Bond.

Announcing the addition to the Engineering Center, a statement from the university reads, “The Ohio State University is one of only a few academic institutions in the world to own a friction stir welder capable of performing heavy-duty research and development functions. It is designed to friction weld aluminum, titanium, copper, steel, and other alloys.”

The RM15 includes some of the most advanced mechanical design features, as well as high-speed data acquisition capability for collection, storage, and reporting of weld results, according to the CDME department page.

OSU describes Bond’s research machine as “capable of joining metals that are thicker in nature and require the unique welding technology offered by this research machine. The RM15 features low runout spindles, which are ideal for the processing of PCBN and Tungsten tools.”

With Friction Stir Welding technology being invented in 1991, just over 20 years ago, an enormous amount of research continues to be done in the world of FSW – and Bond Technologies helps move that technology forward each day.

“To be a part of an emerging technology, and actually be in a position where you get to influence it – that’s a pretty rare thing,” said Dave Hofferbert, President of Bond Technologies.

When FSW was first invented, there were a handful of industries that adopted the new technology and turned it into a valuable, profitable tool, Hofferbert explained.

But, there remains so much untapped potential – and to help uncover that potential, Bond Technologies works to foster close relationships within the research community. In addition to collaboration with The Ohio State University, FSW research machines from the Bond team are used for research and development purposes by The Welding Institute, Brigham Young University, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Spirit Aerosystems. Additional collaboration is ongoing with Edison Welding Institute as well.

Bond Technologies continues to remain committed to pushing FSW Technology forward, partnering with research across the globe working to discover new applications for FSW.

“To be able to participate in an emerging technology and become a global leader – honestly, it’s pretty cool,’ said Tim Haynie, CEO of Bond Technologies. “And It’s strategic for us – we’ve been able to move the needle and make a huge impact on the state of the art within FSW, and we want to keep pushing forward.”

Applications currently benefiting from FSW are:

electronics cooling (automative industry)

fuel tanks

sputtering discs

axle assemblies

half shafts

conductor rails

coil joining

deck plate joining

For more information about Bond Technologies, visit or contact the team at 574.327.6730.

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