BondStir T128

Temperature Data Collection for Friction Stir Welding


The BondStir is a family of temperature transmitting systems that mount to most standard 50-taper spindles. Replacing the T50 in our standard line of product offerings, the T128 puts no limitation on the welding tool holder – you can use whatever tool holder you already have on hand. The T128 simply takes input from any K-type thermocouple with a standard mini-plug and transmits the data to a remote base station. Data from the base station can be monitored or logged in real-time. When used on a Bond welding system, the T128 can also be used for closed-loop control of the welding tool temperature.

Note: The BondStir T128 requires the use of a thermocouple-equipped welding tool, sold separately.


  • Industrial duty transmitter
  • Rechargeable batteries with up to 7 days charge at a 50% duty cycle
  • On-off switch, to preserve battery life
  • Used with a K-type thermocouple (customer supplied)
  • One or two channels available
  • Accurate to +/- 3°C, up to 1,000°C
  • Continuous data transmission rate of 30 Hz
  • Analog output signal with 12-bit resolution
  • Fits standard 50-taper spindles (128 mm spindle nose)
  • Oil and coolant resistant
  • Balanced for 3,000 rev/min operation
  • Two rechargeable batteries packaged with charging cable and base station

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