Friction Extrusion Machine

One of its kind – a new way to create metals with unique properties

Friction Extrusion (FE) Machine

Bond Technologies is pleased to offer the world’s first purpose-built Friction Extrusion machine.

This compact machine is capable of producing the high axial force and torque required for producing consolidated materials of practical size. The FE machine features closed-loop force and position control, as well as a full-featured data acquisition system for process development, scientific study, and quality assurance.

Bond’s FE system has maximum versatility with a common interface on the headstock and tailstock, allowing either the canister or the die to be rotated without modifications to the toolset.


Friction extrusion uses relative motion and high contact forces between a non-consumable tool set and a metallic workpiece to generate frictional heating and severe plastic deformation. The result is a metal with fine grain size, low dislocation density, and high quality. By processing custom-blended powders, new composite materials can be produced with unique properties, such as high thermal and electrical conductivity, high ductility, improved high-temperature performance, etc.

This is an area of active, cutting-edge research worldwide. Bond anticipates that this research will produce new materials with special characteristics. Bond is currently expanding its lineup of FE systems, in response to current demands.

  • Rapid, complete consolidation of discontinuous feed stock
  • Very fine grain size
  • Improved formability
  • Materials design opportunities using custom feed stock mixtures
  • Consolidation of recycled materials

Let Bond Technologies help you find the best Friction Extrusion solution for your application.

Bond’s FE100 is our current standard offering. Bond is currently developing customized configurations in response to customer demands. Download the FE100 brochure to view its current specifications.