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Bond Technologies | The Premier Friction Stir Welding Machine Manufacturer

For more than a decade, the Bond Technologies team has been supplying
Friction Stir Welding (FSW) systems and serving customers throughout the world.

We are a friction stir welding machine manufacturer with more than 100 years of combined experience in the design and construction of FSW systems. Driven by our motto, “Give the clients more than they asked for,” this talented, innovative team of engineers produces extraordinary results that have created a following of loyal customers.

By bringing together some of the most talented professionals in the industry, Bond has developed many types of friction stir welding machines, from compact units to very large multi-axis systems, as well as unique, cutting-edge machines for Friction Extrusion (FE), Refill Friction Stir Spot Welding (RFSSW), and Additive Friction Stir Deposition (AFSD).

Our History

While Bond Technologies was born in 2014 under its current name, most of the team and the company founders have been together much longer – under the forerunner company, Transformation Technologies, Inc. (TTI).

TTI was initially started in 1999 as an engineering service company. With an extensive background in aerospace tooling, one of the first projects taken on by TTI was the design of work-holding fixtures for the Eclipse 500 airplane, the first aircraft built with a friction stir welding machine. From 2003 through 2008, TTI grew and developed a full line of FSW machines. By the end of 2008, TTI was one of the leading suppliers of FSW equipment, with customers on four continents.

In 2008, Manufacturing Technology, Inc. (MTI) – a world leader in Rotary Friction Welding machines – acquired Transformation Technologies, Inc. (TTI) and absorbed the FSW product line under the MTI banner.

MTI was positioned to take the FSW line to the next level by leveraging their worldwide sales, service, and support network and their long-term reputation in the field of solid-state joining. With this acquisition, the entire TTI crew joined MTI.

The coming together of these two powerhouse companies combined the spectacular innovation of FSW with MTI’s long-established expertise and global leadership in friction welding solutions.

In 2014, MTI divested the FSW technology. This cleared the path for the original technology leaders of TTI to create Bond Technologies, combining the robust, cost-effective design philosophies of TTI with the technology enhancements and advanced control features developed by MTI. Bond then licensed all previous TTI and MTI friction stir weld technology, and now offers full support and parts for MTI and TTI friction stir welding machines. Bond continues to innovate and grow the product line by incorporating the latest advances in controls and friction stir welding process technology.

Types of Friction Stir Welding

Biographies of Key Personnel

Tony Molica

Program Manager

Mr. Molica has over 30 years of experience managing projects of a technical nature, including commercial refrigeration, friction welding machines (rotary and FSW), and consumer appliances. Tony has been a crucial and pivotal member of teams for Carrier Refrigeration, Tyler Refrigeration, United Technologies Corporation, Manufacturing Technology Inc., and Whirlpool Corporation.

Tony is the Program Manager for all projects at Bond Technologies. All project managers report to Tony, as well as the Purchasing department, Shipping and Receiving, and Office Administration. Tony holds a BSBA and an MBA both from Indiana Wesleyan University.

John Bosker

Vice President of Engineering

Mr. Bosker has been involved in the design and manufacture of custom automation and manufacturing equipment for 15+ years. His current role at Bond is Vice President of Engineering. In this role, he manages all engineering functions.

John acts as the liaison between Bond Engineering and key suppliers to ensure that technical requirements are understood and followed, complimenting the Purchasing function. John is also responsible for manufacturing processes and builds completions within Bond. John has a BSME degree from Kettering University.

Michael Studebaker

Controls Engineering Manager

Mr. Studebaker has over 25 years of experience in the design and implementation of industrial/automation control systems, both hardware, and software.

This includes 16 years of experience with industrial/ automated and 8 years specifically on FSW welding machines. Michael’s experience includes leadership as the Controls Engineer Project Manager of the FSW Vertical Assembly Tool machine built for Boeing/NASA.

Michael holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.

Dave Hofferbert


Mr. Hofferbert has been working on specialized manufacturing systems for over 30 years. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology and has studied at Caltech, Northwestern, and Notre Dame Universities. He holds six domestic and international patents. Dave has held leading technical, project, and general management positions in the successful commercialization of several Friction Stir Welding systems for various industries.

Dave’s involvement in Friction Stir Welding spans fourteen years. At Bond, Dave is primarily involved in business operations and new business development and has also led the implementation of Bond achieving ISO 9001 certification.

Dave holds a BSME degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Tim Haynie


Mr. Haynie has over 35 years of experience in large custom welding systems, including the design and development of a wide range of welding systems and technologies.

He was the founder and President of the predecessor company Transformation Technologies, Inc. (TTI), a leading international manufacturer of Friction Stir Welding Systems.

Mr. Haynie is a recognized industry subject matter expert on Friction Stir Welding equipment, and also an early proponent of Friction Extrusion technology. Tim is also responsible for all finance and legal matters at Bond.

Tim holds a BS in Mechanics, Mechanical, and Aerospace Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Today, Bond Technologies leads the world in supplying equipment for friction-based manufacturing processes.

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