Options and Accessories

Bond Technologies offers a full line of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) options and accessories; from simple work holding fixtures up through complex software algorithm add-ons to improve weld quality and increase production throughput.  All of Bond’s machine accessories are backed by rigorous trial and testing before release.

Standard Workholding Fixture

Includes fixture that can be mounted to machine table with replaceable anvil, gap closing screws, hold-down clamps and all necessary fasteners. Product envelope for this fixture is 16mm x 200mm x 800.  We can also supply a fixture capable of longer parts.

Bond Stir T128 Temperature Control

When combined with Bond Temperature Control System, the T128 provides automatic control of tool temperature through spindle speed modulation.

Retractable PIN Tool

The Retractable Pin Tool (RPT) Axis allows gradual extraction of the pin to eliminate extraction defects, relieving the need for runoff tabs in certain applications.  Additional weld length is required for complete extraction and consolidation. Coolant can also be run through the drawbar to aid in cooling the pin. (Requires two-piece pin tools specifically designed for RPT).

Water Cooled Tool Holder

A water-cooled tool holder can be installed on the machine and fully integrated.  Plumbing and solenoid control valves (actuated by PLC) would also be provided.  Temperature is integrated into main data acquisition system along with temperature feedback in the chiller circuit.  Capable of interfacing with fixed dry pin with 25 or 32mm shank sizes. (Requires Chiller)

Roller Hold Down System

A roller hold-down system can be attached to the upper and/or lower weld heads to provide additional part clamping adjacent to the weld.  This system can be retracted pneumatically, and control is integrated into the machine HMI.  Dual hold down rollers provide part pre-weld and post-weld pressure against the backing anvil during the welding operation. Pressure hold-down is activated either manually or automatically from the operator console.  Hold-down pressure can be selected manually for specific applications or material thickness.

Laser Seam Tracking

The Laser Seam Tracking system is designed to perform automatic non-contact seam tracking (for linear butt welds). The seam tracking equipment provides the latest technological developments integrated into the Bond controller, and provides cross seam control. The laser tracking technology offers the highest resolution available in the industry for tracking difficult butt-welded Aluminum joints in excess of 4m/min.  When tracking a seam, 0.5mm edge radius or chamfer is recommended. The following specifications apply to an auto path adjusting system. Auto path is only required on the upper head, since the lower head path adjust is slaved to the upper through the control software.

  • Up to 25mm stand-off distance
  • ±10mm field of view depth
  • ±11mm field of view width
  • 010mm Average depth resolution
  • 010mm Average width resolution

Inert Gas Shroud

Through the use of a unique gas delivery unit, this option has the ability to present the work piece with inert gases during a weld sequence, which is a valuable asset when welding ferrous and other oxidizing materials. Specially designed to supply gas to more of the weld surface, post weld this reduces unwanted weld characteristics.

Includes the following:

  • Pressure regulator and manifold supplying two circuits for inert gas with mass flow controller and shut-off solenoid valve, controlled from HMI.
    • One line routed to spindle area.
    • One line routed to table area for tooling.
  • Mounting for three standard gas cylinders, 80cu. Ft. each.

Bond Stron

The Bond Stron tensile testing system allows a simple and effective way to perform simple tensile testing on their existing Bond FSW machine.  With this system the user can quickly and accurately confirm that their weld process meets strength requirements without sending their specimens to an outside lab.  A perfect option for universities R&D labs as well as high volume production facilities.

Lower Weld Head

A lower weld head can be ordered with initial machine or installed at a later date for an additional cost.  The lower weld head allows simultaneous welding on both the top and bottom of panels.

Broken Pin Tool Detection and Tool Life Tracking

This feature will cause an alarm when the traverse force is below an expected value, causing the operator to be informed.  The current weld will abort, and further welding will not be allowed until the alarm is reset.

Part Detection Using Surface Search

Using surface search, the tool will move to a position where a pre-set force is applied to the cover.  This value is compared to a reference value, and if it is out of tolerance, either the tool is incorrect or the part is not installed correctly.  The weld is not permitted to proceed, and the operator is alerted.

Nest Detection and Weld Program Selection

The nest ID is read using a barcode reader, and this information is sent to the Factory Information System (FIS).  This information is used to select the proper weld program, and process information such as tool ID, tool life target, and other related parameters that may include limits for monitored parameters.

Vacuum Supply to Nest

In cases where vacuum is desired for cover hold down, vacuum will be supplied to the nest interface.  The vacuum signal can be controlled and monitored from within the NC program, allowing a go/no-go decision to be made during program execution.

Barcode Scanning of Product

The machine controller can have bi-directional communications with the plant FIS to get the product ID and download part program and process information.  Confirmation is required to proceed with welding.  Scanning of the tooling nest, the pin tool and the part base are able to be performed using a handheld barcode scanner. The pin tool is expected to be scanned at the time it is installed.  The tooling nest may be scanned only when it is installed, or prior to each weld.  An override is also available so that the machine can operate without FIS communications in certain circumstances.

Pass/Fail Notification

A decision about the success of the weld, based on available criteria, will be communicated to the operator via the HMI and the FIS.

Local Language Translation

The HMI operator interface, a summary of operator instructions, and on-screen error messaging will be available in English language. On machines destined for non-English speaking countries, it will be in the local language as well.  The customer is invited to review and approve the local language for spelling, grammar and syntax.

Extended 2 Year Warranty and Global Fast Response

Bond offers a 2-year warranty for workmanship and all non-consumable materials.  During the warranty period, software upgrades are provided at no charge, and Bond’s 24-hour Global Fast Response support is available.  Typically, if a problem arises, a Bond Service Engineer will gather details, access the machine remotely if necessary, and initiate problem resolution, all within 24 hours or less.  If local support is required, Bond will, at our option, dispatch a member of the core Service Team or consign local/regional support.

CE Compliance

The entire family of Bond machines will be compliant with the Machinery Directives and all other required regulations that apply to equipment sold into the European Union.  All machines will be CE marked for certification and all supporting documentation, including the Technical Construction File, will be created and made available.

Weld Path Editor

A stand-alone weld path editor is offered as an option.  It resides on a Windows PC or laptop, and allows a CAD model of the part to be used to generate the tool path in G code instructions.  That code is then able to be loaded into the NC weld program.

Dust Collection System

A vacuum based dust collection system that includes a nose cone, ducting, vacuum pump and motor, and a fused electrical supply.  The nose cone is held with a magnet and is easily removed for tool changing.  Additional nose cones may be purchased separately.

Closed Loop Temperature Control

A proprietary Bond algorithm adjusts process parameters to maintain a constant temperature.  This software feature includes the ability to program the weld for closed loop control of weld temperature using fully selectable gains, and an auto tuning procedure.  Control parameters can be fully implemented from within the NC program, allowing dynamic adjustments during the weld.

Auto-Release Drawbar

This optional feature permits tool-less pin tool changeover quickly and precisely.  The machine will move the spindle to a change location and allow the operator to press a release button. Once the new pin tool is loaded into the collet, the button is released and the tool is gripped firmly in place.

Chiller Unit for Water Cooled Tool Holder

Bond can provide, plumb, and integrate a closed loop water/ glycol mix chiller unit. The chiller unit is used to supply chilled coolant to a water-cooled tool holder when chilling requirements are not available from the customer facility.  Chiller is shipped without coolant, and customer is required to supply coolant during installation.

  • The fluids control panel enables the machine to control flow of air and water/ glycol coolant.  The user can engage and disengage the following using machine controls: coolant flow to tool holder, coolant flow to external fixtures, airflow to external fixtures (tool holders and fixtures sold separately).
  • Existing compressed air supply can be used to supply air to the cooling circuit.  Bond can sell a separate air compressor if desired.
  • Coolant temperatures and flow rates are monitored and can be recorded using the data acquisition system.

Video Monitoring System

The operator is provided the capability to view the weld on a monitor located at the control. The monitor has multiple inputs for simultaneous viewing of up to four cameras. Two cameras are mounted to the weld head in order to view the leading and lagging welding operation. Additional lighting is included to illuminate the area to reduce shadows. A Digital Video Recorder is installed to record welds from both cameras simultaneously

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