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The Bond Advantage

Bond has developed a custom user interface and other key features that make FSW of complex components in a production or research environment possible.


Machine control and data acquisition are accomplished with a B&R CNC controller and a touch-panel Human-Machine Interface (HMI) utilizing the custom FSW control software developed by Bond to meet the needs of complex-contour FSW work.

The CNC allows multi-axis interpolated motion using common NC programming (G-Code & M-Code programming). The system is capable of performing force control on the forge axis (spindle axis direction) regardless of spindle orientation while moving along a prescribed multi-axis profile. At approximately 1,200Hz, Bond delivers the highest built-in data acquisition rates in the industry.


All functions that result in machine motion can be initiated via the HMI, which contains an E-Stop push button, a panel PC, welding parameter override functions, axis selectors, jog motion touch buttons, and push buttons to start/abort the program. USB and Ethernet connections allow communication with external devices.


Bond offers high-speed data collection on all of its welding systems. This permits a user-configured, real-time display of welding data on the HMI. Further, user-configured log files are created and saved on the machine, permitting data analysis and plotting, diagnosis of issues, etc. Having the data collected at such a high speed allows the user to assess weld quality in real-time.


All machine functions represented on the HMI are duplicated on the pendant. The optional pendant is activated via a three-position, motion-enable switch.


Bond systems all feature drives, motors, gearboxes, ball screws, racks, and cables from internationally available suppliers, making it possible to replace worn or damaged components with minimal downtime.


Bond can connect and provide remote assistance for software issues, given a direct internet connection to the welding system controls. This feature can be most useful for making changes to the controls that don’t require hardware modification.

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