Friction Extrusion Machine

The first of its kind –  a new way to create metal shapes with improved properties.

Committed to advancing Friction Stir Welding (FSW) technology in every industry, Bond Technologies is pleased to offer the world’s first purpose-built Friction Extrusion machine. This compact machine is capable of high axial force and torque with superior stiffness and control capability.

Bond’s Friction Extrusion Machine has maximum versatility with a common interface on the headstock and tailstock allowing either the canister or the die to be rotated without modifications to the tool set.

Closed loop force and position control is standard as well as a full featured data acquisition system for process development and quality assurance.

What is Friction Extrusion?

Friction Extrusion is a process requiring no external heat source. Heat is generated through friction created by relative rotation of the raw material relative to a die set while under load.  As material is plasticized, it is forced to flow through the die.  It can be used to form fully consolidated wire, rods, tubes, or other non-circular metal shapes directly from a variety of precursor charges including metal powder, flake, machining waste (chips or swarf) or solid billet.

Materials produced by the Friction Extrusion process have a very fine grain structure, which has the potential to provide the following benefits as compared to conventional extruded material:

  • Higher fatigue strength
  • Better resistance to corrosion
  • Improved formability

Other unique characteristic of this process include:

  • Low energy input
  • Ability to recycle low-grade raw material (machine swarf, metal chips, etc.)

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