Friction Stir Welding Machines

Bond Technologies offers a full line of friction stir welding machines, from compact machines up to large-scale multi-axis, multi-spindle systems. This line of rigid, high-stiffness, versatile machines is designed to meet the needs of most friction stir welding (FSW) applications.

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Where to Buy Friction Stir Welding Equipment

All of Bond Technologies’ standard welding systems are available with a long list of options and custom engineering to adapt systems to specific applications.

The RM Series

The RM Series includes compact, heavy-duty machines and larger systems for cutting-edge research and production applications. These systems offer high stiffness and high force capability and feature a long list of options, and are well suited for welding a variety of alloys, including steel.

RM7, RM10, and RM15

The PM Series

The PM Series of FSW machines includes light-duty systems for the industrial production of small parts from aluminum, up to 10mm thick. These systems offer high stiffness and durable mechanical design for reliable, continuous friction stir processing. Features include advanced data monitoring for quality control, and dual-part loading for maximum productivity.

The LS Series

The LS Series is specifically configured for producing integrally stiffened structures from extruded aluminum shapes. Available with dual, opposing welding heads, the LS can produce two welds simultaneously, making it possible to produce hollow structures with mirror-image welding on both sides. The modular base frame makes it possible to configure systems for various lengths.

The GG Series

Bond’s most versatile FSW machine series is the GG Series. Offered in fixed table and rail configurations, the GG Series is well suited to handle high-volume production, complex geometry, and a host of other applications. While used in the railcar industry, it is also used in research facilities and custom contract shops requiring 3-dimensional weld profiles.

The GL Series

Bond has developed the GL family of FSW systems to fill the need for a high-performance welding system that is capable of two-dimensional paths with continuous welding tool tilt.

Special Purpose

Although our standard machine product lines offer the most cost effective and quickest solution, Bond Technologies can design and build a custom friction stir welding machine to meet your needs in cases where an application requires specialized equipment.

Let Bond Technologies help you find the best Friction Stir Welding solution for you.

Bond Technologies offers a full line of friction stir welding (FSW) machines, custom engineering solutions, and a host of other services to help you integrate FSW technology into production.