Friction Stir Welding Machines

Bond Technologies offers a full line of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) products from compact machines up through large scale multi-axis, multi-spindle systems. This line of rigid, high stiffness, versatile machines are designed to meet the needs of most friction stir welding applications.


The PM Series

The PM Series of machines are multipurpose in design, functioning well for research and development on light gage aluminum alloys, as well as, production of small parts.


The RM Series

For welding steels and high-temperature alloys, the RM Series is the leading choice worldwide. The machines offer high stiffness and high force capability with superior accuracy in a compact and cost effective package.



Building on the capabilities of the RM Series, the LS Series is a great choice of a machine to run production of large panels in extended lengths. The LS Series is used primarily in ship deck and railcar industries, but it offers flexibility to accommodate numerous applications.


The GG Series

Bond’s most versatile series of machines is the GG Series. Offered in fixed table and rail configurations, the GG Series is well suited to handle high volume production, complex geometry and a host of other applications. While used in the railcar industry, it is also used in research facilities and custom contract shops requiring 3-dimensional weld profiles.


Special Purpose Machines

Although our standard machine product lines offer the most cost effective and quickest solution, Bond Technologies can design and build customized equipment to meet your needs in cases where an application requires specialized equipment.


Refill Spot Welding

Refill Spot Welding eliminates the tool exit hole present in standard FSW joints. There are many applications for which joining thin section aluminum components using Refill Spot Welding can be utilized; these include aircraft fuselage and automotive body panels.


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