Gimbaled Gantry Machine (GG)

The most versatile heavy-section Friction Stir Welder on the market.

The GG Series Friction Stir Welding (FSW) machines are the most versatile heavy section friction stir welders on the market. Capable of welding complex contours with agility only surpassed by a robot – but with power, precision and rigidity far superior to any robot. These machines have been adopted by the high-speed rail system manufacturers as the ultimate solution to welding complex train bodies on a massive scale. The GG series is available in a fixed table or largely expandable rail version.

Not limited to the rail industry, you will also find Bond Technologies’ GG Series machines being used by high volume production manufacturers, contract welding companies, institutes of higher education and advanced material process labs spanning the globe.

GG Series basic configuration

Fixed table Moving Gantry, ball screw driven, servo actuated, on precision ground rails.

Rail Mounted Moving Gantry, quad pinion driven, servo actuated, on precision ground rails.

Trans versing spindle carriage, ball screw driven, servo actuated, on precision ground rails.

Forging bridge, dual ball screw driven, servo actuated on precision ground rails.

Gimbal, belt driven servo or manually actuated, on precision pivot joints.

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