Production Machine (PM)

The most versatile general purpose Friction Stir Welder on the market.

The PM Series of machines are multipurpose in design, functioning well for research and development on light gage aluminum alloys, as well as production of small parts. Its versatile applications include electronic enclosures, flat panels, heat exchangers, drive shafts, canisters and computer components, in addition to electric vehicle battery trays.

The PM1 from Bond Technologies is a compact 3-axis CNC machine for Friction Stir Welding in a production environment. Despite its small size, the PM1 is a full-featured Friction Stir Welding (FSW) machine with force and position control capabilities. The PM1 is also available in a 5-Axis version that brings the additional ability of complex contour welding using servo actuated ±5° tilts about both the X and Y-Axes.


Fixed table, moving C-frame ball screw driven, servo actuated, on precision ground rails.

Trans versing spindle carriage, ball screw driven, servo actuated, on precision ground rails.

Forging bridge, ball screw driven, servo actuated on precision ground rails.

Tilt (A/B-Axis optional)
Spindle rotation about X & Y-Axes, servo actuated, on precision pivoting mechanism.

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