Research Machine (RM)

The most popular machine for research and development.

When welding of thicker aluminum alloys, steels or titanium is desired, the RM Series is the preferred machine for research, performing 2-dimensional welding of flat material.

The RM Series machines are Bond Technologies’ most popular machines for research and development facilities and universities. Rigid frame work and high torque capabilities make them ideal for welding a wide variety of materials including aluminum, steel and titanium alloys. Low runout spindles are well suited for high strength tools such as PCBN and Tungsten.

Push Friction Stir Welding Technology forward.

The use of Friction Stir Welding machines in the field of research and development have led to exciting advances since FSW technology was first invented by United Kingdom based company, The Welding Institute (TWI), in 1991. Many research institutes, universities and private companies are dedicated to the study and development of FSW and associated technologies.

Bond Technologies is excited to be a part of the research work being done worldwide. FSW machines are used for research and development purposes by The Welding Institute, Brigham Young UniversityIdaho National Laboratory, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Spirit Aerosystems and many others.

Bond’s FSW machines are also used in production applications for electronics cooling in the automotive industry, fuel tanks, sputtering discs, axle assemblies, half-shafts, conductor rails, coil joining, deck plate joining, and other production items in various markets. The RM series is as effective in a manufacturing environment as it is for R&D.

Research Machine RM Series

Research Machine (RM) series specs

RM Series basic configuration

Sliding table, ball screw driven, servo actuated, on precision ground rails.

Traversing spindle carriage, ball screw driven, servo actuated, on precision ground rails.

Forging bridge, dual ball screw driven, servo actuated on precision ground rails.

Gantry rotation, dual ball screw driven servo or manually actuated, on precision pivot pins.

Research Machine (RM) series basic strokes


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