Friction Stir Welding Tools and Accessories

Bond is offers a complete line of tools and accessories for all products.

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Tools for FSW

Bond Technologies designs and manufactures FSW tools for a variety of applications and materials, including aluminum, steel, and copper.

All FSW tools are manufactured according to Bond drawings and are inspected to ensure consistent, reliable performance, weld after weld.

  • FSW Tools for Life

Bond can provide a regular supply of tools for the life of a program, ensuring consistent results.

  • FSW Tool Types

Bond designs and builds conventional FSW tools, both one-piece and two-piece styles, fixed and variable gap bobbin tools, and stationary shoulder tools.

  • FSW Tool Kits

Bond can configure kits of FSW tools to cover different material thicknesses.

  • FSW Tool Materials

Bond can supply tools made from a variety of materials, such as H13, MP159, W-Re-HfC, W-La, PCBN, WC, and Nimonic 105.


Bond offers standard welding fixtures for joining flat plates, sized to maximize use of all of the RM Series machines.

Of course, these fixtures can be used on other Bond systems as well. These fixtures make it very convenient to weld plates for procedure development, for characterizing welded joint properties and for experimenting as well as production. Custom welding fixtures can also be developed to meet the customer’s needs.

Temperature Monitoring – The T128

Bond has developed the T128 temperature transmitting system. Welding tools fitted with a type K thermocouple can be used to monitor the welding tool temperature, displaying it on the HMI of Bond FSW machines. In addition, temperature data can be logged along with other data from each weld, to be used for subsequent analysis. Welding tool temperature data logging can be a valuable tool for in-process monitoring and quality control.

Let Bond Technologies help you find the best Friction Stir Welding Tools and Accessories solution for you.

Bond Technologies offers a full line of friction stir welding (FSW) machines, custom engineering solutions, and a host of other services to help you integrate FSW technology into production.