GL Series –
Gantry Low-Angle FSW Machine

High Performance FSW System with Unprecedented Capabilities

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GL Series

Bond has developed the GL family of FSW systems to fill the need for a high-performance welding system that is capable of two-dimensional paths with continuous welding tool tilt.

The gantry-style frame gives high structural stiffness, a critical characteristic for trouble-free friction stir welding, far surpassing the forge force and stiffness capabilities of robotic welding systems.

A GL7 FSW system was recently delivered to Solvus Global, Inc. as part of a government-funded project. This system is the first of its kind, offering entirely new capabilities for industrial and research applications.


The machine is sized for welding workpieces within a 1.5-meter by 1-meter footprint and thicknesses up to 33 mm in aluminum alloys. Two low-angle rotation axes are included, permitting full 5-axis orientation of the welding tool, such as for automotive battery trays, tailored blanks, or heat exchangers.

The GL family of welding machines can be supplied with a wide range of options, including a 0.3-meter-long coaxial linear axis, permitting forcible linear motion through the hollow spindle shaft. Other options include the BondStir T128 temperature transmitting collar, the BondStir closed-loop temperature control software, and standard or custom welding fixtures for any application.

Two-Speed Spindle Gearbox Maximizes Capability For FSW

The GL family features a two-speed gearbox spindle drive which optimizes the spindle speed-torque characteristics for FSW. FSW data collected from published literature shows that there is a bi-linear relationship between spindle torque and spindle speed for aluminum alloys. The two-speed gearbox more closely matches the needs of FSW, compared to conventional offset-drive FSW spindles.

The GL family is specifically designed to weld a maximum range of workpiece thicknesses with a single machine.

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