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Pin Tool Products

Bond Technologies designs and manufactures Friction Stir Welding (FSW) pin tools for a variety of applications including aluminum, steel and other alloys. All pin tools are manufactured to close tolerances and undergo strict quality control to ensure consistent, reliable performance weld after weld.

Standard Sizing

All Bond Pin Tools are available with a standard shank size of 25mm. Other sizes available upon request. Shank length for one-and two-piece tools is approximately 63mm. Shanks have a flat to accept set screw attachment.

Pin Tool Kits

Bond offers standard pin tool kits of common sizes. Contact Bond for kit availability.

Additional Purchasing Information

Process parameters can be provided as a starting point for all pin tools at time of purchase. Consult with our process experts regarding your specific application.

All quantities of pin tools are available. Lead times vary depending of level of customization. Please note, in some cases a design charge may apply.


Pin Tools for aluminum are available in the following configurations:

One piece
Monolithic tools well suited for high volume production.

Two piece
Excellent choice for research and development. These tools have a separate pin and shoulder, with an adjustable back stop to precisely set the pin depth.

One- and Two- piece tools are available in the following pin designs:

  • Tri-flute, Tri-flat
  • Smooth and scrolled shoulders

Retractable Pin Tools. Two-piece tools with attachment features for TTI, MTI and Bond FSW machines equipped with an independent pin axis.

Adjustable or fixed-gap bobbin style tools with upper and lower shoulders and separate pins to fit TTI, MTI and Bond machines equipped with an independent pin axis.

Pin Tools for aluminum are available in the following material thicknesses:
from 0.5 mm to 40mm
Thicker materials available upon request.

Available Pin Tool materials for welding aluminum:
Other alloys upon request.
Thermocouples available at an additional cost.

Steel and High Temperature Alloys

• PCBN pin tools are available and include the capability to attach thermocouples.

• Pin tools are also available in other materials such as tungsten-rhenium, tungsten lanthanum.



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