Process and Engineering Services

Bond doesn’t just sell machines and leave customers to “figure it out”. Our staff of engineering and process experts have extensive experience with our technologies, which we make available to support our FSW, FE, and RFSSW customers.

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Process Development

Bond develops procedures using in-house welding systems, or in collaboration with customers that operate Bond FSW systems. After developing tool designs and machine parameters, this activity validates cycle time analyses and can generate welded joint data, such as transverse shrinkage testing, tensile testing, weld cosmetic appearance, and other characteristics.

  • Process development for FSW, FE, and RFSSW
  • Mechanical testing of welds and materials
  • Welding tool design and testing
  • Designed experiments to optimize process parameters

Prototype Welding Services

Optimizing a product design for weldability is a service that Bond can help with. Our process experts can suggest product design changes to improve weldability. We can also design and build welding fixtures as needed to weld prototype parts or to confirm a joint design. We can even produce parts to allow a customer to do performance testing of prototypes before committing to a production launch.

  • Design consulting
  • Welding fixture design and construction
  • Production of prototype parts

FSW Technology Training

Bond employs FSW process experts who have worked with FSW for over 20 years each. This extensive experience can be made available to Bond customers in the form of process technology training for management, shop supervisors, quality inspectors, and for machine operators.

FSW Transition to Production

The transition to production can be smooth by having experts available. Bond offers FSW consulting to help with welding procedure optimization, machine operation, technology training, and quality control support, for example. Bond can also assist with supplying welding tools on a regular basis.

The Bond motto: No customer left behind.

Custom Engineering Solutions

In cases where an application requires specialized equipment, Bond can design and build equipment to meet your needs. Although Bond’s standard machine product lines are often the most cost-effective and quickest solution, there are situations in which these products just don’t fit the bill. For these situations, Bond can develop custom machine and tooling solutions.

FSW Machine Support

Bond supports all of its products internationally. We offer remote support for software issues, making it possible to modify some machine controls quickly from a world away. Bond also offers on-site routine maintenance packages to meet the customer’s needs. As needed, Bond can have service technicians on-site to make repairs, replace worn items, and diagnose problems.

FSW Tooling

Bond can assist customers by designing and building welding fixtures that are custom to a particular product and welding machine. Welding fixture design is critical to a successful production process, and Bond has the experience to produce tooling that will work perfectly every time.

Let Bond Technologies help you with your Process and Engineering needs. We’re here to help.

Bond’s team of Friction Stir Welding experts have you covered.

  • Process Development
  • Prototype Welding
  • Custom Engineering
  • Technology Training
  • Machine and Technology Support
  • Designing and Building Welding Tools
  • Transitioning to Friction Stir Welding