Special Purpose Machines

Custom Machine and Tooling Solutions

Special Purpose Machines

In cases where an application requires specialized equipment, Bond Technologies can design and build equipment to meet your needs.

There are situations in which the products available just don’t fit the bill. For these situations, Bond can develop custom machine and tooling solutions.

Bond employs a full engineering staff, producing original mechanical designs, software solutions, and controls. Our core team can design and supply ground-up designs of machines and welding fixtures, or can adapt standard products to specific applications. Our Bond controls and HMI design are often adapted to custom machines, preserving the Bond know-how from years of successful installations.


  • As part of TTI and MTI, the Bond core team designed and developed an 8m stroke longitudinal seam FSW machine and a 5.5M diameter circumferential seam FSW machine for NASA’s ARES program.
  • First in the world purpose-built Friction Extrusion Machine for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. A compact high-force machine for advanced material development.

Let Bond Technologies help you find the best Special Purpose Machine solution for your application.

Bond Technologies offers a full line of friction stir welding (FSW) machines, FSW tools & accessories, custom engineering solutions, and a host of services to help you integrate FSW technology into production.