Our Technologies

Bond produces advanced manufacturing equipment that uses friction-based heat generation for joining and processing a variety of metals

These processes feature some common characteristics: low residual stress and distortion, high ductility and toughness, and very high quality.

Bond manufactures the only purpose-built systems for friction extrusion (FE). A topic of cutting-edge research, this process makes possible the production of novel materials from custom-formulated powders and other feedstock.

Friction stir welding technology (FSW) allows for a superior joining process, offering many distinct advantages over conventional arc welding. Characterized by greatly reduced distortion, superior cosmetics, high toughness, and very high quality, friction stir welding equipment is especially well suited to aluminum alloys but can also be used to join steel, copper, magnesium, and titanium.

Bond has developed the most robust refill friction stir spot welding (RFSSW) system in the world. This process can replace other joining methods, such as mechanical fastening and resistance spot welding, while reducing part count and improving the cosmetic appearance.

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